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Our Creation - Jahi - 01-14-2021

No one truly knows how Idris came to be, how the earth formed mountains from mounds or Craigs into streams. They know little of how the trees hold their roots so firm to the soil or how the birds can fly so liberated against soft blue skies. The creatures here do not possess our means of science or explanation, their minds more primal and animalistic when it comes to explaining such intricate things.

One favourite tale belongs to the creation of Idris and how the Orian rose as the primary species here.

Many claim it was the Good Mother who breathed life into the world. She was born from the stars, a child of the moon, with a twin brother, Eidolon. For Aeons, the two pranced and played along the Milkyway until they reached their coming of age. They danced throughout the cosmos gleefully, naively, until Eidolon began to feel the painful ache of loneliness bite at his heels. True, while he did have the Good Mother for companionship, Eidolon craved something... more.

Being the strongest and the wisest of the twins, the Good Mother put an end to her brother's sorrow. From nothing, she created something beautiful, something wonderful and inspiring. A world that thrived; a world that lived. She created the orian just as Eidolon envisioned and she gave magic to the earth. She taught Eidolon how to utilize it so that he could teach the orian.

For the first time in centuries, she heard Eidolon laugh. She watched as he fell in love with a mortal doe and began to populate their little herd. Of course, tragedy was not far behind. Nothing can truly be so splendorous, even for the divine.

While the Good Mother was the patron Goddess of Idris, there were other celestials that aimed to destroy her treasured creation. They would introduce storms to Idris, harsh gales that tore trees from the ground and would flash great light across the sky. They would bring illness and death to this world, violence and sufferance all caused by their malignancy. None on Idris would be spared their torment, not even Eidolon nor his family.

The eldest child of Eidolon fell mortally ill, the disease inevitably taking her life. Eidolon attempted to trick the Good Mother into defying the laws of death, a taboo for even the Gods to commit. By daring to risk her immortal soul, the Good Mother - despite her love for Eidolon - punished him with a curse. From henceforth, his children would thrive until they came of age. By then, they would fall into an unwakable slumber.

Eidolon forsakes his divinity and chose to wander Idris as a hermit, forbidding himself the joys of love and father-hood until he could find a way to remove his curse. None have seen Eidolon since his self-banishment and many have begun to forget his name.