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The Pantheon - Jahi - 01-14-2021

Good Mother, greater Goddess of mercy.
The Good Mother is celebrated far and wide, becoming a beloved goddess to the cervids of Idris. Countless stories delve into the life of the Good Mother, though few hold factual truth behind them. The most popular story is that the Good Mother came to be by the wishes of those in true need. When war came, when famine ravaged the land, the cervids wished and wished until the stars gave them an answer. She used her magic to bring peace; by using her powers, the grasses began to grow to feed each and every hungry doe. When her duties on Idiris were finished, she returned to the stars where she would dance freely with her lover, Seelia. To celebrate the Good Mother, the festival of Elkmire came to be. Those who follow the Good Mother's teachings practice a life of wholesome goodness and have a strong sense of right and wrong.

Eidolon, greater God of trickery.
Over the years his name became a taboo. Eidolon, the Good Mother's youngest brother. He who sought her guidance after the death of his eldest daughter. It is said that he would attempt to trick the Good Mother into defying the laws of death and she would punish him by cursing the rest of his children, now and eternally. Any child sired by Eidolon would fall into an unwakable slumber when they came of age. For centuries Eidolon wandered the lands of Idris, studying all he could of magic so that he could break the curse. He was the only cervid capable of obtaining each element and using it to its fullest potential. Even with that feat, Eidolon could not reverse his sisters spell. Not many dare to worship the fallen God, but those who do display their faith by delving into magic.

Seelia, lesser Goddess of determination.
While she may be a lesser goddess, the legends of Seelia are known to nearly every fawn born on Idris. Seelia was a mighty warrior who fought horn and hoof for her herd. She was a gentle soul, a loving face that wanted nothing more than for her people to thrive. Though she detested war and violence, she was the first face seen on the fields of war. It was during one of these battles that she saved a doe who happened to be the Good Mother. Teaming together, the pair managed to bring peace to Idris - though it would be temporary. Despite the laws of nature, Seelia could not help but fall deeply in love with the Good Mother and was shocked when her feelings were reciprocated. Though she was a mortal, the Good Mother brought her into the heavens as a divine Goddess so they could remain together for all eternity. When the stars glisten, it is said to be Seelia and the Good Mother dancing together. Those who worship Seelia do so through symbols and trinkets.

Zienta, lesser Goddess of jealousy and poison.
There are few who still remember the stories of Zienta and her husband, Zanir.  Zanir would openly flirt with other does, taking them into his home in the Scarlet Wastes.  There, he would keep them as his lovers while often neglecting the attentions of Zienta.  Zienta did not approve of his traditional ways, opting to keep the buck to herself.  Unable to withstand his romantic neglect, the Goddess took the form of a large, brown snake and bit the ankles of each of his lovers while they slept.  The following morning each does body was found stiff and lifeless, as was Zanir.  Her devoted followers would often worship her through alms and sacrifices.  Even if the right alms and sacrifices cannot be abided, there are few who would be turned away from the glory of the Goddess.