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Moderator Applications - Jahi - 02-03-2021

Status:  OPEN
What we're looking for...
Active individuals who have the time and passion to dedicate to the game.  We want people who we know will treat the community with kindness, open-mindedness and non-bais but are also capable of laying down the law when it's necessary.  We are not looking for people who only want the position to further their own characters in the game nor people who would openly abuse their position of power.  
What we expect from our moderators
Besides the former statement of kindness and non-biased outlook, we expect our moderators to review applications, change member groups, review offspring applications and ensure that members are following the rules of the site.  With this, we expect our moderators to have extensive knowledge of the game and its mechanics so that they may answer questions.  
If you are interested and you're certain that you can provide the time and activity to becoming a moderator on SC, all you need to do is reply to this thread letting us know why you want the position.  If you'd like to include any past experience you've had moderating or running other sites, you're more than welcome to include that as well!