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Decay Of The Forest - Shyvnierri - 03-22-2021

It's my turn to keep the wolves away

Weeks now it would be upon us again, the ancestral march, the tantalizing allure of our ancestor's pact where herds gathered and violence became taboo.  Archaic wars were not spoken of; the blood of our brothers boiling beneath the tethers of restraint.  Their calls for vengeance became a muted mewl against the jovial horns of the festivities.  Soon, all of Idris would gather at the brushvield merry-met and merry-part.  A time of peace; a time of respite.  I longed to see what had become of the others I'd met in years past.  Had they survived the harsh throes of winter?  Were they prosperous where I had not been?  Even now I recall my turmoils as I march away from the forest I called home and loped into the mountains where the whispers of herbs called to me.   


Though the howling winds of the mountain-side served her an omen through rapacious nips and banshee screams, Shyvnierri grew deaf to the advice.  There was a sense of youthful determination in her stride as she waded through the hock-deep snow and pushed beyond the veil of piercing ice.  While some may have perceived it as bravery, it was - in fact - a feat of naievity.  Despite the warnings and the threat of nightfall, she could not be swayed to turn away and back into the welcoming cradle of the forest.

Northfall's supplies were dwindling to nothing.  While she attempted to gather what she could within their small territory, the sick were only growing sicker.  It wouldn't be long until they were mourning the lost. 

Not on my watch!

Gathering the strength of her haunches, the lean doe cleared a fallen pine and continued up the mountain-side where rumours of a rare herb reside.  If she could only find it and then return...

The thought of victory clouded her judgment as she went to step on frail footing, slipping inches down the slope before catching herself before making the final tumble down into a dark, ominous craig.  Her heart hammered in her chest; her body pulsed with adrenaline and her body began to move now with sincere caution.  She couldn't afford to be so reckless.  If she fell now - if she could not return... Northfall was done for.

Swallowing her fear, Shy continued.  It would be what felt like hours before the first signs of greenery welcomed the young does gaze and a spark of hope lingered behind the peach glimmer of her delighted iris.  It had to be here!  And so she began to dig, oblivious to the world around her, intent only on clearing the snow away from the plants in the small clearing.  She would find it; she had to.

Note: Set before the festival of elkmire

RE: Decay Of The Forest - Natural Event - 03-22-2021

The ground writhes and pulses with magic as the tree of whispers begins to call to the cervids exploring or housed throughout Karashi Range...

RE: Decay Of The Forest - Aolis - 03-22-2021

A snort escaped the stag as he walked through the hock-deep snow. His fur had gotten thick as his winter coat grew in. His mane had grown out along his chest as well. The group of bachelors was traveling the winter to ensure their grasp on food sources. Walking along the snow-covered path of the range, he took his steps carefully as he ensured to place his weight down into his steps. He was not going to take the chance to slip on the slope in these weather conditions. His ears flickered as he heard the sound of snow falling from the slope ahead. The stag stopping in his tracks, he stood for a moment, ears perked forward as he listened between the howling winds of the range. Maybe it was just a slip of ice and the wind? He thought. With a huff, he brought his hoof forward and continued his march. 

As he walked up the slope he could feel the air around him become lighter. Voices whispered in the wind as the gusts blew past him and down the range. His mother always told him that faeries whispered in certain locations as the Tree of Whispers moved from location to location. His eyes widened as he thought, just maybe, that the tree had made its long-awaited appearance? Here of all places? He sniffed his surroundings cautiously as he tilted his head up into the wind. The scent of snow, rock minerals, and plants could be smelled in the air. Though he could not find a hint of a tree. Aolis emitted a low grunt as he lowered his head. It was at that moment when he caught the scent of a doe. There was only one. He sniffed a few more times to confirm the scent. 

Cautiously he continued up the slope of the range. He did not wish to rush as he knew the conditions of the slope could easily cause him to slip or even worse, tumble and fall back to the bottom of the range. With a slightly quickened pace, he kept his steps heavy as he pushed through the snow. 

He finally came to an opening where he spotted the doe he had smelled earlier. She was dyed white from head to withers, where she turned into a mix of dark and light blues. One of her forelegs fading into white from her withers as well. He pulled his head up, eyes watching her as she frantically searches the foliage through the snow. Aolis tilted his head, as he was curious as to why she was searching so desperately. He gave a long loud snort, making his presence sound to the doe before he began to slowly walk towards her. 

"Do you-" he paused his words for a second. Thinking whether or not he should continue to speak. "Need some help?" He asked, flicking one ear back and the other forward in a curious manner to her behavior and actions.
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RE: Decay Of The Forest - Shyvnierri - 05-01-2021

It's my turn to keep the wolves away

There came a point where Shyvnierri began to feel a twinge of hopelessness burrow throughout her breast to gorge itself full upon youthful optimism until it was nearly void.  For a moment, the blood in her veins ran colder than the flurries of snow picked up and strewn by the chill of tundral breezes.  It billowed hypnotically, mingling with the blues and greens, the whites and grey's of her winter laden pelt as the doe persisted to dig her hoof into the ice and snow below to expose what green lay beneath.  There were so many rumours of the plant, it had to be here! 

But it wasn't.

No matter where Shy dug, the plant would not pop its leaf from beneath the snow and for a moment, the doe felt the sting of frustration line the border of her iris.  Had she travelled all this way for nothing?

"Do you-"  His voice would disturb her, startling her, forcing the doe to lift her head hastily to face him with alert ears directed towards the buck as he continued.  "Need some help?"

"That's very kind of you."  She'd pause, head tilting as Shy took in the bucks appearance.  He was stalwart, becoming, and his scent reminded her of the Thambai.  Shy recalled the only time she'd been to the Riverlands of the south, back when her mentor had needed an incredibly common herb that grew only on the water's edge.  It had taken them almost a month to return, perhaps weeks sooner had her mentor not wished to gather what they could on the voyage back. 

Back then, the doe had been obsessed with learning the properties of the herbs of Idris, hoping to one day be an equal to the very same woman that had - in essence - raised her.  A warm smile languidly lined Shy's maw as she dipped her head in a sweep of modest gratitude.

"I was search-"  Again a pause caused by a thrum of power that danced across her skin and forced a visible shiver to her lithe flesh.  What was this sensation?  It was as if energy whispered throughout her body, luring her vision towards its direction completely oblivious to any danger the intruding buck could pose. 

"Did.... did you feel that?"  Gentle murmur would query to the stranger, waiting for his answer before she'd make any attempt towards the strange, magnetic pull.

RE: Decay Of The Forest - Aolis - 05-07-2021

The doe was hesitant to his presence. She would back away and look shyly and cautiously towards him. He honestly did not blame her. She was alone in the mountains with a buck. The feeling though that originally attracted him was growing stronger. The tree was growing stronger. Its presence becoming more known. He could feel the sensation running through his blood as she continued to look in the direction in which he could feel the tree. 

"That's very kind of you." She said softly. 

"I was search-" He blinked curiously as she cut off her sentence. She seemed distracted. Could she too feel the tree? He remained where he stood, not to alarm the doe any further. 

"Did.... did you feel that?"

He nodded his head. "It is the Tree of Whispers. It's calling. It has made its appearance in these ranges." He glanced around the path, he could not yet see the tree, but he could feel it, strongly. He lowered his head to the snow-covered ground as he began to sniff softly. He could not smell any plants under the snow. He raised his head and glanced higher up the range. It couldn't be higher on the range, could it? He pondered at this possibility. 

"I think it might be higher up the range." He stated, looking towards the doe. 
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RE: Decay Of The Forest - Shyvnierri - 05-14-2021

It's my turn to keep the wolves away

Magic danced across her skin, burrowing beneath the maidenly flesh of her girlish figure, sinking into the marrow of her bones that nearly quivered with the thrum of this unfamiliar sensation.  She was elated; she was afraid.  Never had the young doe felt such... power both raw and untempered.  She believed in the strength of the earth, the magic of the wind, the way it whispered across her body through gentle gales.  This... this was different and eerily so.  It was as if a vine had been tethered to her throat and pulled her, beckoned her to come, come hither and taste the magic on her tongue. 

"It's the tree of whispers.  It's calling."  His voice nearly startled her.  Shyvnierri rose her head, flicking her ears back towards the buck as he continued.  "It has made its appearance in these ranges."

The tree of whispers was a myth, a fairytale told to young fawns so that they'd continue their sparring lessons.  Get big and strong for the tree, so that it may find thee worthy.  But what else, if not that fabled rumour, could it be?  She had no reason to doubt the wisdom of this buck so she'd shake her head, attempting to regain some manner of clarity. 

"Have you seen it before?  The tree?"  Her soft murmur delved into a world of wonder.  Is that how he knew what this sensation was?

But try as she might, the doe could not see the entity which caused her to step forward despite the quiet whisper in her mind forbidding the movement.  "I think it might be higher up the range."  And she was inclined to agree with him.  It would be dangerous, surely, but Shyvnierri refused to return to her people empty-hooved.  If she couldn't return with the herbs she'd come here for, well, she'd come back stronger at least.

She would offer a nod to the buck, a silent pact that she would trust him - even if it was a foolish thing to do - and she would begin the dangerous trek up the mountainside.  "Do you live around here?"  Curiosity piqued over the curve of her shoulder as she turned to look at the buck, wondering quietly if he'd follow.